Heidelberg University

Summer 2020Comparative Empirical Democracy Research (graduate level) - Syllabus
Summer 2020Quantitative Analyses in Participation Research (undergraduate level, advanced) - Syllabus
Winter 2019/2020Research Seminar (graduate level) - Syllabus
Winter 2019/2020Populism in Germany and Europe (undergraduate level, advanced) - Syllabus
Summer 2019Comparative Analysis of Political Behavior and Attitudes (graduate level) - Syllabus
Summer 2019Quantitative Analyses in Participation Research (undergraduate level, advanced) - Syllabus

Goethe University Frankfurt

Winter 2018/19Social Capital Research - Quantitative Application (undergraduate level, advanced) [4 hrs.] - Syllabus
Summer 2018Citizens and Politics (undergraduate level, advanced) [4 hrs.] - Syllabus

University of Bern

Winter 2016/17Citizens and Politics (undergraduate level, advanced) - Syllabus
Winter 2015/16Selected Aspects of Political Psychology (undergraduate level, advanced) - Syllabus
Summer 2014Introduction to Political Psychology (undergraduate level, beginners) - Syllabus
Summer 2013Social Capital in Democracies (undergraduate level, beginners) - Syllabus

University of Konstanz

Summer 2010Teaching Assistant for the lecture "Comparative Politics" (Prof. Dr. Markus Freitag)